Obstetrics/Maternal and Child Psychiatric Liaison

At home nurses and midwives with clinical experience in obstetrics and gynecology care for mothers and infants during pregnancy, the puerperal period, and later provide mental support.  After giving birth, some women go home with anxiety without being able to receive adequate rest and guidance, and later develop postpartum depression or lose their mental balance due to hormonal imbalance or insomnia. 

The long-lasting beginning of parenting is very important. Also, in the process of raising children, there are many times when they get lost in the consultation place for their troubles and become closed off without being able to get help.

As specialists, we will visit mothers and children who are worried, quickly detect danger signals, and provide continuous support to solve their worries and connect them to specialized institutions. If you have symptoms such as the baby’s voice echoing in your head, your hands are numb, you’re getting angry, you don’t know why you’re crying, you’re having unusual sensations, and more. Please contact us by all means.

In addition, we will provide long-term support not only for postpartum women, but also for women who are mentally unwell before pregnancy.

Early intervention has a significant impact on the healthy growth and development of mothers, babies, and families. Our maternal and child liaison also supports prenatal and postnatal depression, etc. We will continue to support the happiness of mothers and children and their families, considering together the difficulties that arise from pregnant women, puerperal women, and various family events and accidents that occur in their lives. We also have an interpreter (English), so please feel free to contact us regardless of your nationality.

* When introducing home-visit nursing covered by insurance, a psychiatric home-visit nursing instruction form from a doctor is required.

Mental consultation

We listen to the anxieties and worries of mothers and their families during pregnancy, labor, puerperium, and postpartum, and consider specific solutions.

Visiting papa mama class, childcare consultation and guidance

We provide individual guidance on pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare, which are often cause anxiety.

Maternal and child health care

We will continue to manage the physical and mental health of mothers and children before and after childbirth.

Health management and support for non-attendance children

We provide health management and family support for hikikomori and children who do not attend school. If necessary, we will provide study support, social resources, and suggestions and guidance for specialized jobs.

Support for interpersonal relationships (family, neighbors, mom friends)

People who are originally not good at interpersonal relationships may tend to become isolated from society, so we support them.

Suggestions for social resources and medical examinations

If necessary, we will introduce you to available social resources and medical examinations, and make proposals to solve your problems.

Please feel free to contact us.
first to see if we can discuss and resolve your issue.