Service Guide

Trouble consultation Service

Initial free consultation
From the contact form or by e-mail.

 Submit your consultation
  →  We reply to your consultation.

2nd time:free
TEL or E-mail

 You reply to the reply email
   →  We reply to your reply*

*We will create and propose a plan for the future, including determining whether it is possible for us to solve the problem.

After the 3rd time:2000yen/15minutes
Based on the plan, we will work to solve the problem.

Trouble consultation (counseling)

Visiting Nursing Service

In order to provide nursing services with respect for the patient’s wishes, we will interview the patient about his/her medical history, environment, and concerns.

Based on the information received at the initial meeting, a second meeting will be held to clarify specific support details.

Collaborative Conferences
Information sharing and conferences are held with organizations with which we need to collaborate in order to provide services.

Document preparation and contract
After you have agreed to the care and services, this contract will be signed. We will ask you to explain and fill out the necessary documents.

*It takes about 1 to 4 weeks to start service.
*There are individual differences in the flow depending on the situation.

usage charge

Home nursing care is covered by either medical or long-term care insurance, depending on the situation.

Fees vary depending on the co-payment ratio, additional charges, etc., and will be explained in the fee schedule at the time of contract. In addition, fees are subject to change due to system revisions, etc., and we will inform you of such changes in writing.

An example of home nursing by public medical insurance

This is an example of 4 visits per month, once per week (30 minutes).

Medical care system for self-support is also available. Payment is made at the time of settlement at the end of each month.

co-payment ratioCo-pay per month
10%Approx. 850 yen
30%Approx. 2,610 yen

Please feel free to contact us.
first to see if we can discuss and resolve your issue.