Company Profile

CompanyMedihome Co., Ltd.
Representative DirectorKei Nishiyama
Address4-31-14 Hikawadai, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
Business descriptionHome-visit nursing business
Medical consultation business
Life support business
Counseling business
Welfare business for persons with disabilities
Maternal and Child Health/Family Support Project
​Foreigner support business

​Director Profile

Kei Nishiyama


National Nursing Qualification / Midwife National Qualification / Birth Control Practical Instructor / NCPR B course / Cook license


Since childhood,Kei grew up feeling uncomfortable with the word “normal”. After graduating from high school, she obtained a chef’s license at a vocational school and became an izakaya manager. She has also ventured into other fields such as music event management and cinematography, and through these encounters and experiences with many people who are active in the industry, she has learned the joys and frustrations and the warmth of people. After giving birth, she went to a full-time school to take the exam again and acquire a nurse/midwifery license. During practical training in the final grade, she experienced multiple major life events including a mediated divorce, a child’s autism spectrum diagnosis, and a national exam. Although she fell ill due to the overlap, she obtained a license and returned with the help of his family and friends.

After accumulating clinical experience in the acute psychiatric and obstetrics and gynecology wards, she started telephone consultations, consultation services at nursery schools, and activities targeting local people. Human beings are complex and individual, and they learn the importance of comprehensive assessment from various perspectives and multi-faceted approaches, not limited to science alone. She met an American partner and gave birth to her third and fourth children. During this time her first daughter had issues at school and refused to attend for 3 years. In recent years, she has been deepening her studies in philosophy, sociology, psychology, etc. at a general university while observing the spiritual aspects of people living in the area.

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